BTE AutoReiseZug Hamburg – Loerrach

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Travelling with your own vehicle by train safe and relaxed – is that possible?
It is! The BTE AutoReiseZug runs between Hamburg and Loerrach (near Basel).


Whether you plan your holiday on Germany’s coasts, in Scandinavia, the Swiss Alps, in France or Italy: With the BTE AutoReiseZug between Hamburg and Loerrach you can look forward to a safe and relaxed journey over night. You make the best of your holiday from the first to the last minute.
Over night you can pass long distances, traffic jams or bad weather. So you avoid the stressful driving on the highway and your vacation begins at the very beginning. Make yourself comfortable in your compartment. Your vehicle travels safely on the vehicle transport vehicle with all your luggage.
A special treat also for those who are traveling by vintage car or motorcycle to the most beautiful tours. Protect your vehicle, your nerves and stay mobile at your holiday destination.

We are looking forward to our 5th season with great anticipation and are happy to inform you that bookings for the 2021 season
are possible now. For your planning you can chose from 132 travel days in total.
Thus, you can get into your personal planning for the next year and plan your relaxed way to and from your holiday.

There is no reason to wait: Get the best places for your summer holiday 2021 now.

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Everything worth knowing for your holiday planning with the BTE AutoReiseZug.

Your travel days
For your planning you can choose from 132 travel days in the 2021 season in total.

Especially in the summer season we offer an attractive amount of travel days for you to choose from for your holiday plannings.

Your planning safety
Especially in the holiday season the trains are fully booked quickly. Therefore we recommend to early bookings to secure a place for your desired travel day.
All days until October 2021 can be booked. The daily updated price for your chosen train is shown in the booking system at the end of the first booking page.

In season 2020 and 2021 the BTE AutoReiseZug runs on the yellow marked days.
There may be restrictions due to the current situation. All days you can choose from are shown in the online booking.
With * marked days are operated by T4U / Urlaubs-Express, but can be booked through us. Information on confirmation, tickets and payment is provided directly by T4U.

Your flexibility
With the FlexService (not valid on T4U / Urlaubs-Express train) you get more possibilities should something not work out as planned in your holiday planning.
You once can change your travel day free of charge to any other travel day, as long as places are available and only need to pay
the difference for a more expensive day.
You benefit from more favorable cancellation conditions, should you not be able to use your booking at all.

ADACADAC members save 15 euros per booking and route
The discount is granted when booking a combined passenger and vehicle journey, with the ADAC member

as part of the group. The discount can´t be combined with other promotions and is only valid in combination
with a valid ADAC card in the name of the booking participant.
The discount applies per booking and direction (regardless of the number of people, not valid on T4U / Urlaubs-Express train).

How to book
Book by phone at +49 (0) 911 – 240 388 – 22 or online with your ADAC membership number.

When booking online, the member number must be entered in the field „Your message to us / ADAC member number“.
The discount is granted afterwards and sent to you with an updated booking confirmation, reduced by the member benefit.

Want to make a direct online booking? Klick here.

BTE AutoReiseZug makes for a comfortable journey in every way.

Would you prefer to travel in complete privacy
 with your own compartment?
Or would you like
 to travel conveniently and economically in a compartment shared with others?
Whether with children or alone, whether as a group or as passengers with reduced mobility, you’ll find just the right option among our comfort classes,
which all share one thing in common: they’ll ensure you have a pleasant journey.

ARZ categories

Brochure with all necessary information

Sleeper compartment

Sleeper compartments provide you with a comfortable space for your personal use.
The compartment is for your sole use only – for
up to 3 persons.

  • Comfortable seats with table during the day,
    cosy beds with pillows and covers at night
  • Wash cabinet with basin, mirror
  • Fresh towels
  • Power outlets for electric shaver, hair dryer, laptop, cell phone
  • Climate control in the car
  • Breakfast on the morning of arrival

Couchette compartment

Couchette compartments offer a comfortable and affordable accommodation. Book as a family or
group a private compartment for up to 5 people. Travel alone, book a single seat in a compartment,
which is booked by up to 4 other people.

  • Comfortable seats during the day,
    couchettes with pillows, blankets and sheets at night
  • Reading lamp per seat
  • Temperature control
  • Breakfast snack on the morning of arrival
  • Washroom and WC in the car

CouchettePlus compartment

CouchettePlus compartments offer all advantages
of the couchette with a certain Plus.
Book as a family or group a private compartment
for up to 4 people an thus benefit from more space
and privacy for yourself and your fellow travelers.

  • Comfortable seats during the day,
    couchettes with pillows and covers at night
  • Fresh towels
  • Reading lamp per seat
  • Temperature control
  • Breakfast on the morning of arrival
  • Washroom and WC in the car

Appr. Loading / Travel times (binding times see on ticket)

Hamburg-Altona -> Loerrach
Train number: 1797 / 1793
Loading Hamburg-Altona: appr. 20:30 until 21:45
Departure Hamburg-Altona: appr. 21:59
Arrival Loerrach (platform 12), 1797: appr. 09:00
Arrival Loerrach (platform 12), 1793 (fri, sun) : appr. 08:20
Discharge of vehicles starts after the arrival at Loerrach platform

Loerrach -> Hamburg-Altona

Train number: 1796 / 1792
Loading Loerrach: appr. 18:00 until 19:00
Departure Loerrach (platform 12), 1796: appr. 19:25
Departure Loerrach (platform 12), 1792: appr. 19:25
Arrival Hamburg-Altona: appr. 07:10
Discharge of vehicles starts after the arrival at Hamburg-Altona

The conditions of carriage for the use of the BTE AutoReiseZug can be viewed directly here.

Tariff notice of the BTE AutoReiseZug.

Refunds in case of delay or failure of a BTE AutoReiseZug
If you have inconvenience caused by delay or failure of a BTE AutoReiseZug, we apologize for this and offer you compensation
according to our conditions of carriage.
To get your compensation or reimbursement in an easy way, use this passenger rights form.
You can print the form, fill it out and send it to us with the required documents by post.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at +49 (0) 911 – 240 388 – 22.
You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 14:00 (currently available to a limited extend only)
or at any time by e-mail at
If you can´t get in contact with us by phone personally we will call you back.

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